About This Yankee Belle

Welcome! For those of you who don’t know me yet, my name is Danielle. I was born and raised in NJ, but I am currently attending Vanderbilt University. While I enjoyed my childhood gallivanting around New York City and relaxing on the infamous shore (which by the way is quite different than the one on MTV), I have always been enamored with the south. I don’t know if it’s”the grass is always greener” type situation or what, but I definitely jumped at the first opportunity to explore it for myself when applying for college. When I visited Vanderbilt for the first time with my dad in December of my senior year of high school, I knew Nashville was the place for me. At times I get nostalgic for my summers down the shore and miss that touristy feeling of awe you get standing in the middle of Times Square, but for now I’m perfectly happy wandering down Broadway and beyond in my cowboy boots.

Jersey Shore Post Prom Circa Summer 2011 with my best friend Rachel (better known as my #worldtravelingbestie, there's more of her to come)

Jersey Shore Post Prom Circa Summer 2011 with my best friend Rachel (better known as my #worldtravelingbestie, there’s more of her to come)

So now you may be thinking, that’s cool and all, Danielle, but how does that lend itself to blog? Well, I was wondering the same thing myself. Now I am a certified health coach and will be continuing my studies to obtain a Registered Dietician license. However, way back when, I had toyed with the idea of blogging for a while since I had been interested in PR and journalism and absolutely love cooking, but stopped myself because I had no idea what interesting thing I could write about, was afraid of being judged by my peers, and didn’t think it would be good enough. However, after talking it over one night with a good friend of mine at dinner, I realized how increasingly excited I became at the prospect of starting a blog and came to the conclusion that I could write about things that I am passionate about and that if blogging made me happy, it didn’t really matter what other people thought (super cheesy, but true). I also found this quote that I found applicable not only to this, but my life in general that y’all might enjoy.

So in sum,

What to expect: healthy and delicious recipes, Lilly (my jack russell pup), cool things I’ve done in Nashville, places I’ve traveled to, cheesy quotes, alliteration, crafting, Kappa Delta, backstreet boys, purple, instagram pictures, cursing cussing, Ashton Kutcher, randomness and figuring out things as I go along

What not to expect: recipes with chocolate/cheese/meat, cats, politics, heavy metal music, Julia Roberts, apologies (#sorrynotsorry), my future wedding plans (I’ll save that one for pinterest), life hacks, professional advice, a powerpoint presentation a la Karen Owen, calculus, 16th century Renaissance art (ok I think it’s time for me to wrap it up now), and order/perfection

So thanks for bearing with me as I navigate this world of blogging. Hope you enjoy!IMG_5527



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