Monday Munchies: Frozen Acai Berry Purée

Acai bowls are a trendy LA treat, made from blending frozen acai berry purée with bananas, other berries, pineapple and the likes and then topped with additional fruit, shredded coconut, and granola. Acai berries are known for their high antioxidant and omega 3,6, and 9 content. While they are a dime a dozen out in LA, (dare I say they are the biscuits of the west coast?) it’s hard to find them in Nashville. Luckily, the brand Sambazon makes frozen acai berry purée packs. They have no added sugar and come individually wrapped in 4 portions – perfect for smoothies or bowls. Basically the only difference between a smoothie and a bowl is thickness, so if you can use less milk and more fruit and then add toppings you can eat it with a spoon much like a yogurt parfait. More often than not though, I’ve used these frozen packs in a smoothie for on the go convenience. My go to combo is acai purée, coconut water, and vanilla Perfect Fit protein powder. It pretty much works in place (or in addition to) any fruit in your favorite smoothie!

look how pretty the smoothie comes out!


my acai bowl in LA

my acai bowl inspiration in LA


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