Marche Brunch

Marche is the sister restaurant of Margot Cafe, my absolute favorite restaurant (which is something I don’t say lightly!). Naturally, I had to check Margot’s relative, and since brunch is my favorite meal of the day, I figured it would be an instant hit. My roommate and I went over the summer, but with my crazy schedule there are a ton of restaurants and cities I’ve been wanting to post about but time got away from me. Now I’m hoping to incorporate some #TBT posts to make up for that!

Back to brunch. Like Margot, Marche utilizes local, seasonal ingredients in its dishes. My roommate and I started off with the Fruit Tartine appetizer, which featured the famous Peach Truck peaches (if you’ve never had them, then I’d argue that you’ve never really eaten a peach!). For our entrées, she got their classic Almond Croissant French Toast and I had a ratatouille dish topped with over easy eggs. Of course we swapped to test taste, and it was the perfect sweet and savory brunch combo! Can’t wait to go back to this quaint french bistro sometime soon!

IMG_8892 IMG_8894 IMG_8895



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