Month: September 2014

Monday Munchies: Dried Pineapple

Hello all! This week’s new grocery find is Trader Joe’s Dried Unsweetened Pineapple rings. Dried fruit in general tends to be sugar laden, therefore more closely resembling candy than fruit. On the other hand, often times I have found that unsweetened dried fruit is extremely chewy, dry, and frankly disgusting. However, Trader Joe’s for the win, as per usual, has a line of delicious unsweetened dried fruit. My favorite so far is the pineapple – it’s a great, less expensive, longer lasting alternative to fresh pineapple as we get further away from summer. Try eating it alone, chopped up over oatmeal or chia seed pudding, dipped in nut butter, or as this article suggests…guacamole. Happy munching!

IMG_7026 IMG_7027

Monday Munchies: Buff Bake

Last week on Instagram I stumbled upon @buffbake, a bakery based in California devoted to providing healthier, protein packed treats. They happened to be having a sale, so clearly the universe was telling me that I just HAD to try it for myself. I ended up ordering the variety sample pack of their nut butters and “buffins,” so that I could get a complete tasting of their products. The following is my final verdict…


Nut Butters:

Snickerdoodle Almond Butter was the clear winner for me (no surprise there), I will probably order a normal size jar of this flavor in the near future.

The 3 others (chocolate, cinnamon raisin, and cranberry coconut) were peanut butters, and I felt that the peanut-y flavor outweighed the other flavors



Only 70 calories each with 5 grams of all-natural whey protein and just two grams of natural sugar, the buffins hit the spot, and were definitely delicious. But do not expect a fluffy, cake-like, buttery bakery muffin. However, microwaving them for 10 seconds or so drastically changes the drier consistency. They also taste great with a smear of the nut butters! My favs were vanilla blueberry and snickerdoodle, and I would absolutely order them again.


Monday Munchies: Figs

Welcome to the first of many “Monday Munchies”! I’ve been trying a bunch of different foods at the grocery store lately, so I wanted to share my one of my favorite discoveries with all of you each week.

Fresh figs are not only difficult to find off-season but they’re also extremely expensive. Since the fresh ones are far superior than their dried counterparts, I’ve taken full advantage of peak fig season with the big 32oz container of fresh figs I bought from Trader Joe’s last week. They’re a great snack on their own, but I’ve been on a huge sun-butter kick lately and they are an amazing duo. Not to mention they’re so damn pretty! What are your favorite ways to use figs?

IMG_6718 IMG_6798

Sun-butter on sun-butter on sun-butter, what is sun-butter you ask? Sunflower seed butter – it’s salty and sweet, loaded with Selenium, and a great way to mix it up from traditional peanut butter.


I added figs to this wonderful recipe (shown above) from my friend, Julia Nicholson – be sure to check it out along with the rest of her amazing blog


Anyone recognize this granola???