Restaurant Week: Yellow Porch

Restaurant Week came at an excellent time this August because it coincided with Vandy’s first week back. The night before classes started, I had my first sorority family dinner of the semester at Yellow Porch. I had heard great things about this place before, and since there were great specials for Restaurant Week, I figured it’d be the perfect chance to try it out.

I opted for the Paella and Bananas Foster White Chocolate Bread Pudding. While the paella, didn’t quite measure up to the one I ate in Barcelona (I mean, really, will anything be able to???), it was still delicious nonetheless and had a great variety of seafood. As for the bread pudding, there are simply no words that would give this dessert the credit it deserves. It combined my favorite flavors into one delectable package. Imagine bananas foster in an ultra moist and gooey cake form smothered in a rich caramel sauce.

*Cue drooling*




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