Top 7 Reasons Why Lakes Trump Beaches

For the last summer hurrah, my friends and I spent the weekend at our friend’s lake house at Lake Burton in Georgia. As someone who grew up 20 minutes from the NJ coastline, a beach getaway was always chosen over a lake. Now living in Nashville, it’s been a difficult adjustment being landlocked. I’ve been told about how much of a fun alternative lakes could be, but I wasn’t entirely convinced to say the least. While I was excited to try something new, I was skeptical of how lakes could top being able to relax in warm sand. After just a short 48 hours at the lake, I was converted to a lake lover.

And here are the Top 7 Reasons Why Lakes Trump Beaches

7. S’mores


With caramel swirl marshmallows and peanut butter…enough said.

6. Lilly’s Seal of Approval

Apparently Lilly was a fish in another life because she LOVED the lake – swimming, pontooning, etc. Definitely an added bonus that she could come along for the fun 🙂 

5. More Opportunities to be Adventurous


I’m not exactly a thrill-seeker but the lake brought out an adventurous side of me, which included jumping off the boathouse into the lake!

4. No Jellyfish


In August, it’s jellyfish galore on the jersey shore which definitely is a bummer when you want to go in the ocean. At the lake, there are no evil fish cramping your style.

3. Pontooning


Captain Lilly

Probably one of the most relaxing parts of the trip, it was a great way to tour the lake and all the amazing houses along it. 

2. More Privacy


Although the end of the drive was beginning to seem like a scene from the Blair Witch Project, I guess that’s the price you pay for an amazing, secluded house right on the lake. Even at a gorgeous beach house, more often than not, you share access to the crowded public beach. 

1. Jetskis…without salty water stinging your eyes

This was absolutely my favorite part of the trip. Jetskiing was soooo much fun. I can’t imagine doing that in the ocean because the salt water would splash in your face and hurt like hell. 

So while I’m not promising to completely give up sandy toes and salt water wavy hair, I definitely am looking forward to my next trip to the lake 🙂

IMG_6406 IMG_6516 IMG_6476IMG_6434



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