Worry-Free Wednesday: Everything Happens for a Reason


Unfortunately, we can’t control everything. For a Type-A-must-have-an-organized-plan-for-anything-and-everything like myself, this can be a difficult concept to grasp at times. Add that to an already especially tumultuous period in one’s life, the twenties, and you have a recipe for a stage 5 mental breakdown.

Welcome to life as a twenty-something. It’s a decade that is held up on a pedestal by those yearning for the independence and adulthood they naively believe turning 20 automatically brings, as well as by those who pine away for their so-called glory years. But for those who are actually experiencing it in the present, to quote lyrical genius, T-Swift,”we’re happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time.”

We’re faced with so many big life decisions and opportunities, all while trying to figure out who we are as individuals and what we value at our core. We may be moving far away from the comforts of home to a city where we know next to no one; we may be questioning our previously held beliefs and forming opinions different from those on which we were raised; we may be traveling to foreign countries in an attempt to complete the elusive mission of “finding yourself”; we may start our dream jobs, quit jobs to start companies, go back to school, or work our way up the corporate ladder; we may be a free spirit, live out our dream as the eternal bachelor, forever be a bridesmaid, find our prince charming or Tinderella, get married, or adopt babies from foreign countries because it’s trendy. But one thing remains constant for all of us in the grand scheme of our dramatic, roller coaster-esque journey we call life: everything happens for a reason, and it will all work out in the end. 




    1. Go Danielle! Pretty amazing insights – sounds like you have the life thing figured out! We are lucky to have you in our lives!

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