Changing Your Opinion of NJ and NY: One Picture at a Time

The Shore


No, the Jersey Shore is not what MTV would lead you to believe it is. It actually can be clean, classy, and beautiful. Proof. This was taken at Sea Bright, NJ.




I still cringe when people refer to the bagels at Panera as “bagels.” Sorry, they’re not. THESE are bagels. Best when eaten with lox and whitefish salad from Barney Greengrass, my favorite Father’s Day tradition. 

Asian Food

The only place that comes close or surpasses the Asian cuisine of NJ/NY is the west coast. Everywhere else just does it wrong. A prime example of this excellence would be Teak in Red Bank, NJ. Roll over the pictures to see a description of each!

Central Park



Just a concrete jungle? I think not. This massive, world famous park spans over 50 city blocks and covers 843 acres of land. My favorite parts are the reservoir running track and, of course, the zoo.

Baked by Melissa

Thought I’d end with some bite-sized food porn from the NYC bakery, Baked by Melissa. These quarter-sized speciality cupcakes are a one of a kind treat. They are perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth without demolishing your diet, or the magic bullet for indecisiveness by allowing you to order multiple flavors in lieu of one boring normal sized cupcake.

But then unfortunately, you have to dress like this for 3-4 months and the bagels just don’t seem worth it anymore…IMG_0345


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