Sneezing Purple

It’s approaching 2am on a Friday and I’m at Rippy’s on Broadway. I look down at my phone and notice the time and a wave of panic rushes over me. The following thoughts pop into my head: I should NOT have had that last shot, sushi probably wasn’t the best pre-going out meal, I’m STARVING, shit I need to get up to run the Color Run in approximately 6 hours…

Well, luckily a friend accompanied me to Two Boots, the pizza utopia on Division St. And no, I definitely didn’t go my usual V for Vegan, healthier vegetable pizza option, (sorry Megan…) instead I devoured a slice of the Tony Clifton, which has shiitake mushrooms, vidalia onions, red pepper pesto and lots of gooey, delicious mozzarella. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to snap a picture before inhaling its cheesy, magical hangover curing goodness, but luckily I found the exact slice on google images and it definitely does it justice.


Fast forward to 7:30am (a mere 4 and a half hours after the pizza escapade): my alarm blares loudly in my ear. Much to my surprise, I wake up feeling GREAT (told you that pizza was magical). I spring out of bed – so excited for the Color Run! Last year, my little sister in KD and I ran the Color Run and decided to make it a yearly tradition because it was just that awesome. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Color Run, it is a 5k and at every kilometer, powdered color is thrown on you, so it’s like running through a giant outdoor paint party.



the aftermath of Color Run 2013

Just like last year, it was cold and rainy, but it was so worth it. When we got to purple, my favorite station of the run, one of the color squirters got some purple up my nose, which led me to cough, and my open mouth was then filled with even more purple powder. So for the rest of the race (and until the next day), I kept coughing and sneezing purple. Still worth it. And besides at least it was my favorite color – silver lining?

before the purple explosion

happy as a clam before the purple explosion

The run was over before we knew it, and then we got to play with extra color packets, bringing out the inner 5 year old in me. I’m already looking forward to the 2015 Color Run with my favorite partner in crime!

1779891_10152078188913237_2037809636_n 10154110_10152077453223237_837482048_n


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