Avocado Basil Pesto Sauce

I absolutely love avocados. I put them on everything from toast to eggs to sweet potatoes to caprese sandwiches…and now in pesto. Basil pesto is one of my favorite condiments so when my big suggested we make avocado pesto pasta for dinner one night, I jumped at the idea. I became obsessed with this sauce and used it in a variety of dishes. Over the past year, I’ve made at least 10 different variations, but recently I made the most perfect one yet.

The first avocado pesto creation with my big

serves 3-4, depending on how much sauce you prefer

1 large avocado
2 heaping handfuls (or more) of fresh basil
(I honestly just eyeball it and tend to put a lot in because I love fresh basil)
1/3 cup pine nuts
1 shallot, chopped and sautéed in a little bit of olive oil
Splash of olive oil or water to thin
Salt and pepper to taste, if needed

Put everything in a food processor or blender and mix until smooth

Suggested uses
-Mix with cooked broccoli, peppers, spinach, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes etc. and serve over pasta, spaghetti squash, or spiralized zucchini “noodles”
-Spread on sandwiches
-Use a dip with pita chips
-Mix in with scrambled eggs (even better with some mozzarella or daiya cheese)
-Grill with shrimp, salmon, or scallops

Here are some examples of mine!


Served here with spaghetti squash, salmon, spinach, fresh and sun dried tomatoes, broccoli, and salmon. First, I pan seared the salmon with pesto. Next, I added the vegetables (except for the spinach and sun dried tomatoes – those were added in the last few minutes). Then, I tossed the cooked spaghetti squash with the pesto, added it to the pan and stirred until everything was hot and well coated in the pesto! I made this version for my mom when she visited me last weekend and it was a huge hit!


In this dish, I spiralized zucchini and tossed the raw zucchini “noodles” in the pesto and added it to the pan with the shrimp. (Side note: this was the first time I peeled and cooked raw shrimp and it was surprisingly easy and well worth it. I definitely could taste the difference – make sure to not over cook it thought and remove it from the pan as soon as the shrimp is fully pink). At the end I added roasted red peppers and sun dried tomatoes.

This sauce has been tested on everyone from the most health-conscious girls to frat stars and it has always been well-received! The greatest compliment was when my best guy friend texted me and asked me for the recipe after I had made it for him the week before. Hope y’all enjoy and let me know what unique ways you serve it!



  1. This looks delicious, Danielle! I seriously love basil pesto too and this recipe looks easy and amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Trying this next week lol looks too good NOT to try- also I’m looking for new ways to cook the shrimp in my freezer. Aren’t they wonderful?? Good and good for ya.

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